Saturday, September 8, 2012

Being Professional ...

"We can be friends otherwise, but when we are at work, I will be very professional with you" 

My boss said that to me, on my first day of employment, and I ignored it.( Big Mistake!!!).

When I started working, I thought I knew what being professional is.
But I Couldn't have been more wrong. I realized that my definition of professionalism was not only wrong, but totally alien. And i realized it a little too late (After Getting Fired).

I thought that being professional was being productive, efficient & disciplined. 
But, Honestly!! You can be Unproductive, inefficient, undisciplined & still be a good professional. 

"Boss is always right" is  a common corporate Phrase, which is obviously wrong. 
 Because, how can a person  as common, as ordinary, as timid, as petite, as miniscule,    as rudimentary as a Subordinate, decide that the boss is right? 

" We" The " Subordinates" are supposed to be mere followers. We are supposed to follow the word of the boss like a purist, without a a shadow of doubt in his ideas. And carry out his commands like slaves, which is, without a question. 

The phrase that truly describes todays corporate scenario is " The Boss, is the Bible". 
To simplify, If you think that you have an opinion about you boss, Whether good or bad, then you are wrong already. The secret, I believe , is to detach yourself from an opinion about your boss, and accept the fact that his ideas are a creation of divinity, & are beyond the realms of appreciation or criticism. 

To be a true professional, is to not know the definition of professionalism. Professionalism can have many meanings, But the truest definition of professionalism is your bosses definition of professionalism, whatever it may be. And if you figure out what exactly your boss wants you to do, then you are a true professional.

If you are able to comprehend what your boss wants, & abide by his ideas (Without Criticism) , then, i am sure, you have a very bright future in the Corporate world. 
As for me, I find it really difficult to praise a "Bad Idea" . And it almost suffocates me, to work on something that i don't believe in. 

Being a bad follower, I may not be able to pledge my allegiance to the Corporate. And i hope that i manage to survive,even as a non-conformist.  But, for the mean while, i am trying to perfect the art of " Looking busy in front of my laptop".