Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Unwise but eternal

I love the word belief, because when you believe in something you trust in its existence without the burden of proof. Unfortunately this description takes it closer to the definition of being dillusional,but when knowledge, reason or logic fails to give explanations, it is belief that gives the strength to keep walking. 

Anyway, from the short life that I have lived until now, I have deluded myself into having atleast one major belief. I believe that the soul exists, is immortal, eternal and accumulates wisdom from every life that it lives, in whatever form whether human or otherwise. 

There are many religious and philosophical texts which have been adorned by this idea of the immortal soul, but my reasons for having this belief is neither religious nor philosophical. My reasons on the contrary are quiet earthly. 
I find myself naive & clueless trying to compete against a world of wisdom and I can't but trust the fact that it is my first life as a human. Because in the world that surrounds me, I often find myself surrounded by people who seem organically better equipped to deal with life and it's challenges. They don't seem to have the need to learn the art of living,they just seem to be born knowing that. 

on the other hand, am having to deal with life as an eternal Learner, as a spectator who learns from the actions of the wise, and performs by emulating there actions. It's not a surprise then that I find myself loosing against a wiser competition, but for some reason I don't loose hope or give up. I think, I must have lived as an ant in a previous life because I never feel like giving up and I never stop trying. 

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