Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A god for traffic!

From the peak of a flyover, I look down upon the horizon, and see an ocean of metal, rubber and red breaklights, as dormant as the high seas on a windless day, and it reminds me of the thought that I woke up with. I woke up with a heavy heart, prophasizing being stuck in traffic in the peak hour, for hours. 

You look at the scale of the traffic problem in front of you, and you can't help but think, that "only god can help". 
And out of the all embracing 33 million Hindu gods, I am sure there must be Atleast one who can have some mercy on the traffic. It can't be goddess though, for obvious stereotypical reasons. 

But whoever may be the god for traffic, is obviously Sleeping on the job, because dispite the 8 lane freeways, flyovers and tunnels, we are still stuck in traffic. Any Devine intervention that the traffic desperately needs is completely absent. If god reads this blog, then I would beg him to spare us from the hours of torture, and simply just teleport us to work. 

The reason why I am blaming god for the traffic problem is because humans are completely incorrigible, and expecting a solution from us, is like expecting intelligence from an ass. We never drive in a lane, we honk insessently, and honestly our traffic behaviour is like hoard of carnivorous birds, trying to snatch some flesh out of a dead prey. We need to realise that when we are in the traffic, we are a part of a collective consciousness, and if we behave ourselves, and stop driving like an opportunistic idiot, we might just reach our destinations in time. 

I believe the driving culture of a city, truly represents it's state of mind. And having been driving in delhi for the past 10 years, I can easily say that this city needs help. 

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