Thursday, August 7, 2014

The myth behind a morning person!

If someone asks you to describe a morning person, you are likely to have a distinct , unambiguous image in your mind. A serious, disciplined, pragmatic & active person, for whom, his sleep is a calibrated component of his calculated life. A person who would wake up early, and diligently observe his morning chores. He'll get the milk, the morning newspaper, get a quick workout & make himself a cup of tea.

But what if I tell you that this somber image is a facade, behind which, is a person who enjoys his inertia, a lot more than he enjoys his sleep. Because after he is done with his minor morning chores, he would just lean on an armchair, sip his cup of tea, and escape into a world of solitude & silence.

Most people doze off and sleep to recover from the perpetual grind of modern living. But some, seek comfort in getting up early, and giving themselves an opportunity to experience, the slowness of the passing time. To them, the awareness about the nothingness, the silence, the peace is a lot more comforting than the paralysed ignorance of sleeping. For them, this inertia Is the method by which they prepare to themselves for the tough day ahead. 

Therefore, in a way, there is not much of a difference between the people who sleep late and people who are up early, both of them value lazyness just as much as the other. 

But really, in our times, in which, life is described as fast paced & stressful, an experience of slowness is quiet invaluable. 

So rather than sleeping forever you'd rather wake up early and begin your day by giving yourself a break. 

Good morning! 

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