Thursday, August 7, 2014

Victims of branding

By  far the most prominent victims of branding in Delhi have to be the "Fashion Victims". One wonders, how people can get it so wrong, but it seems, as long as you are wearing a brand  it really doesn't matter if it makes them look like a Monkey wearing makeup.  Just take a walk around connaught place, and you'll see these walking talking mannequins flashing around there brand labels. And no matter how unseemly they look , they carry it off with confidence. 

What amazes me the most is that, people don't realize that they look pretentious and are genuinely ignorant. The clothing that they wear may be completely unsuited, but they blindly believe that the brand makes them look good. 

But that is the magic of marketing, ins't it? It creates "Brand Identities" that are so big, that people loose faith in their own perception, and eventually start trusting a fictitious identity created by a brand manger. Almost like idol worship. 

However, fashion needs visual perception, and maybe some people  don't  have a good eye for clothes. But, how can tastebuds go wrong?

You don't need be a connoisseur to tell the difference between a good coffee & a bad coffee, anyone can tell the difference. But apparently, taste is the last priority for the coffee brands. The priority is to make the place a "Babe Magnet". If Beautiful women start liking the place, everyone else will follow eventually. And if people have a problem with the coffee, then so be it.

The truth is that some brand find leverage points in our consumption behavior, and seduce us when we are the most susceptible to believing in there idea. And once we are hooked, we let go of our perception and eventually our judgement. Some brands are so misleading that they hijack our perception and make us consume products that are almost sub-standard.

It is quiet impossible to prevent ourselves from getting hooked by brands. But we can prevent getting cheated. As consumers we must realize our faith in the five senses, and use our intrinsic perception & judgement to make better choices.   

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