Thursday, August 28, 2014

Measure to Measure

In our times of mind over matter, what do you do with the matters of the heart that the mind doesnt know?

You cheat your mind, And you cheat it with, what is considered the greatest contribution of British colonialism to the world... Whiskey! 

All you need to know is your measure. Which is not an easy task, because to each is his own, and it only comes with experience. Only a regular, will one day realise that perfect balance. 

But you'll know when you figure out your load, because at that blessed moment, your mind will be sane enough to know that it has surrendered to the heart, and your heart will know that it dominates the mind. 

The best part about figuring out your load is that, you'll stop drinking heavy. Because Your mind gets intoxicated and you realise the beauty of your drunk, delarious & delusional heart. And you'll find this experience a lot more pleasureable than just drinking till you drop. You'd want to reach that state again and again. 

There's only one problem, that even this social and at times solitary indulgence has today become a matter of competition. How heavy you drink has become an expression of masculinity, and both men and women are trying to outdo each other in being a "bigger man". I wonder if they could ever enjoy drinking? 

So let go of the competition, and the next time you drink, try to take a break from your boring brains and allow your heart to go wild. You never know if your heart might enlighten you in ways your mind can never imagine. 

And don't hit it hard, hit it right, and please don't drink and drive 

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